Koder 3.4 is out now


Koder 3.4 is now available on the app store after 10 days review time by apple. This is the longest review time we’ve ever had for an update, but we glad it was approved.

Koder 3.4 is probably the biggest update for 3.x series we’ve ever done. We’ve been doing some major code changes and added some major new features / UX changes to the app.

Here are some of highlighted items you will see in the new version :

file-manager-iosThe new revamped File Manager with multiple files/folders operation support

We have added the batch files/folders operations support to the File Manager so it should be easier for you to work with multiple files and folders. It also more intuitive to use now.


Full screen / distraction free editor by pinching out over the editor space
This probably just a little addition, but we believe it will improve your work flow. By pinching out over the editor space you will get a more free space on the editor area and lets you focus to your lines of code.



File filter by pulling down the File Manager


This is the part of File Manager improvements. You probably will use this feature alot when you have a a lot of file and folder in your file manager.


find-and-replace-iosFind and Replace function Improvements

We also have improved the UI and UX of the Find and Replace function. It should be more usable and intuitive to use now, with case sensitive option added


Now SSH key can be uploaded via Local File Access

The SSH key uploading process is now much simpler.  Instead of connecting your device to (iTunes app) notebook to upload the key, you can also upload the files via desktop uploader now.


Path is now showed in the top of file manager

This is also part of File Manager UX Improvements. Small attempt to improve the UX


Project is now called ‘Connection’ and project in the local tab is converted to folder

The “project” naming sometimes cause confusion and skeptical doubt for first time users, especially when they are working locally in the local tab. Why should I need to create a project to start working on local files?
We bring it back to basic. “Projec”t is now called ‘Connection’ and your existing project in the local tab will automatically be converted to folder


iOS 8 Deployment Target

You probably will notice this new iOS 8 version requirement. While the app is actually still working with iOS7, we want to be more focus with the newest and upcoming iOS version framework. Supporting the old iOS version sometimes brings more headache than it’s worth


A lot of bug fixes and improvements

Bugfixes and improvements on file handling, encoding, connections etx.


Hope you will like this update like we do. And if you do, please leave us a positive rate in the App Store. It will help us alot.

Anyway, just to let you know, we’re already working on Koder 3.5.
So, stay tuned!

iOS App Giveaway : Win Combo Koder + Working Copy


To celebrate the release of Koder 3.3, We’re teaming up with @palmin from Working Copy app to giveaway combo iOS Productivity Apps : Koder + Working Copy for 3 lucky winners (each winner will get Koder and Working Copy Unlock Code).
For you who don’t know it yet, Working Copy is a powerful Git client for iOS 8 and Koder works very well with it.

To enter the giveaway, you just need to tweet a message via Rafflecopter box below to let your friends know about the giveaway, so they can participate too.

The giveaway will run until to February, 13 2015 (3 days only) and the winner will be announced in the Valentine’s Day, February, 14 2015.

So, better hurry up 😉

The giveaway has ended, congratulations to the winners

Koder 3.3 is released, with the new ‘Extra Keyboard + Custom Key’, iOS8 Doc Picker support etc


We’re proud to announce the release of Koder 3.3, the new update for Koder iOS Code Editor app. It introduces some new features and also bring performance improvements.

New features overview 

– Extra Keyboard with Custom Key and Tracking Ball
This new Extra Keyboard replaces the old Koder extra keyboard system. It allows you to create your own custom key with [cursor] position support and the new tracking ball function allows you to move up-down-left-right cursor position easily at the same time to highlight code / lines by double tap and drag. If you don’t like this feature you can disable it from the app settings.

– iOS 8 Document Picker
Document Picker is a great addition made to iOS 8. It allows you to import/export/open document between apps. Koder now supports this with two options available, Document Picker Import and Document Picker Open.
What is the difference? When you ‘import’ a file using Document Picker, technicaly you will make a copy of the file to the Koder local project. But if you ‘open’ a file using Document Picker, it means you open the file directly from its source without copying it to your local project. Any changes you made to the file will automatically saved to its original location

– File encoding support
This might be late, but late is always better than never. Yes, Koder now allows you to change file encoding from the file property + a new “Open with Encoding” menu option is now available too.

– Import file from Camera Roll
This might be considered as a late too, but late is really better than never 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Download it today from the appstore.

How to connect to Nitrous.IO with Koder App

Nitrous.IO is a cloud-based development environment platform with a web-based IDE and cloud VMs, and supports Ruby, Python, Node.js and more. It proveides ways to set up development environments and collaborate on projects for businesses.

If you use nitrous.io you can easily connect to your nitrous box using koder.
Here are the steps :

  1. Generate the SSH keys on your Mac/Windows and upload them to Nitrous.IO. If you’re new to this, you can read this article to assist you
  2. Add your SSH Keys to Koder by using iTunes Sharing. Here’s the instruction for iPad and this one for iPhone
  3. Login to your Nitrousbox.com boxes dashboard to find out the hostname, Port and preview url for your box.
    You will see information like this :nitrous-io-koder
  4. Create a SFTP project in Koder and enter the project fields with informations you got on that dashbord page.nitrous-io-koder2

    Please note that the username is always : action. It’s a predefined value from nitrous.io

  5. That’s all! Now you’re connected to your Nitrous box.

If you want to see the preview of of your boxes in the browser, simply tap the eye icon the the top navigation bar. Or if you want to run code on your server, you can open the ’Terminal’ icon the bottom left of Koder to open the built in terminal.

Koder 3.1 is released with Auto Complete and Function List feature


Here we are again, bringing you the new update of Koder 🙂
And this time it took only 12 hours for Apple App Store team to review and then approve it. How nice!

This new version brings some new features and also bug fixes such as :

  • Code Auto Completion feature
  • Function List feature
  • SSH Client now supports SSH Key
  • Single login to SSH from a SFTP Project
  • Webdav Connection bugfixes
  • SFTP Connection bugfixes
  • New editor font, Menlo
  • Other bugfixes and improvements

So please update your copy today and download it from the appstore